Viluveli Holiday Retreat Activities

From Viluveli, northern Maldives becomes your playground.  Walk along the long stretches of beach, immersing yourself in ethereal natural beauty or fill your day with thrilling adventure excursions with a packaged deal of exciting activities and breathtaking views. There are many things to do during your stay at Viluveli Hanimaadhoo – not only in Hanimaadhoo but also the surrounding area. This is your doorway to uniquely friendly communities, rich history, amazing biodiversity and a variety of landscapes. There are so many mangrove rich islands, beautiful little sand banks and every trip out on the water brings a new delight. Let us help you organise your trip and plan the activities and things to do in Hanimaadhoo while you are here with us. 


We have two canoes you are welcome to take out an any time so you can go explore. 


Take a dip in and explore wildlife and coral formations just off the beach or let us know and we can arrange a boat to take you to local snorkeling sites. 

Dolphin Watching

Take a little cruise to find some dolphins. Hanimaadhoo is a wonderful place to observe these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. 

Deserted Island

Really want to get away from it all? Lets run away to a deserted island.


Hire a jetski for an hour or two and enjoy soaring over crystal blue waters

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Island Excursions

Travelling is all about immersing yourself in the local culture. Visit historical sites, mangroves and local villages for truly Maldivian experiences. Learn More

Utheem Excursion Viluveli

Day trip to Utheemu Island

The island of Utheem, just 20 minutes away from Hanimaadhoo by speedboat, is the birthplace and home of Sultan Mohamed Thakurufaan, one of Maldives’ more revered Sultans. It is one of the most monumental islands in terms of culture and historical relevance to the Maldives. It houses various important landmarks and homages to the late Sultan and is filled with cultural mementos scattered throughout the island. 


Experience the underwater beauty of the Maldives and enjoy snorkelling in the in house reef and nearby locations. Hanimaadhoo is known to have a beautiful and abundant house reef. Explore the surrounding islands as well, we as a team are constantly surprised by the variety of ocean friends we witness on every trip we take on the water.

Diving at Viluveli Hanimaadhoo

Diving in Hanimaadhoo Maldives

Delve into untouched waters and experience the beautiful underwater life of northern Maldives whilst diving in the various spots around Hanimaadhoo

Sunset Cruise in Hanimaadhoo

Witness the tranquility, the gorgeous colours in the sky and the ethereal beauty of a Maldivian sunset surrounded by vast sea and sky.

Maldives Hanimaadhoo sunset
Maldivian Lobster

Night fishing and late BBQ Dinner

A popular activity amongst the locals, experience the thrill of line fishing at  a fishing spot near the island. Enjoy a delicious meal of freshly caught seafood barbecued with local spices for dinner.

Mangrove Tour - Baarah, Kelaa, Filladhoo, Neykurendhoo, Kulhudhufushi

The northern islands are known for their lush mangroves. Tour the mangroves of Baarah, Kelaa, Neykurendhoo, Kulhudhufushi, or Filladhoo.

The mangroves renown for their beauty also play a vital role in maintaining the delicate ecosystems that sustain natural life. It also acts as a protective barrier for the island against threats of erosion and flooding. These mangroves are slowly becoming endangered due to human acts. Join the conservation effort through our give back initiative and contribute in protecting these vital environmental sites.